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Events that engage

Equal parts measured process and unmatched magic, Szupernova’s creative journey results in one-of-a-kind experiential event productions that are designed to engage on a whole new level. Our team of experts will research, ideate and ultimately predict and manifest event concepts to surprise and delight, but ultimately deliver an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Simply put, Szupernova’s people-first approach to event production has always outperformed agencies that rely on the old business-as-usual model – where’s the fun in that? Our wider-reaching, event production and audience engagement strategies are centred around conversions of all forms and designed to create an impact.

There’s no reason why your events shouldn’t be incredible experiences, whether their physical, hybrid or virtual.


Our values

Each member of our team is driven to deliver mind-blowing results to our clients, partners and the communities that we serve. And so, we are proud to work to the following values:

Transparency is key in everything we do. We believe in a no-nonsense, open approach.


We are disruptive by nature, but that is not what defines us. We’re simply driven to discover better ways to work, engage audiences and connect professionals in science, tech and innovation.


Mediocrity is boring and ineffective. We always bring our best ideas to every project.


Great customer service is central to our business + we take pride in every project.


We only work with people we like and respect. Life’s too short to operate any other way.

Leadership Team



CEO / founder, event host, content creator, Szupernova’s visionary leader and ‘UK Bog Snorkelling Championships 2015 (Participant)’ – is there anything this man can’t do? Nobody brings an event to life with quite as much flair as Kent!



We don’t know anyone with their finger so firmly on the throbbing pulse of the UK tech scene. She’s a prolific networker, connector of tech people and ‘Tech and Beer’ host, but more importantly, Ash makes the best curried goat – ever!



If there’s a production challenge to conquer, Mark will succeed every time! From prop production to video creation and event logistics. There’s nowhere he wouldn’t put a camera for the perfect shot. We mean like, nowhere!



The ‘designated responsible adult’ at Szupernova, Lluna boasts an impressive list of corporate, sci/tech and music festival events within her portfolio. Szupernova would be in complete disarray without Lluna.