If you’ve an event planned but are considering postponing, you might want to hold fire before making any drastic decisions. Your format might need to change, but your event can still go ahead. And who knows, running your event virtually might make it even more successful than your regular physical event!
While running your first online event might seem a daunting prospect, if it’s planned and executed well, it can still provide incredible value for attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.
Here are some of the benefits of running a virtual event.

Any venue is possible:

Using Szupernova’s virtual studio and event spaces, you can present your event from what appears to be, any venue you can imagine. Whether your event is intimate and informal, simple and minimalist or grand and audacious, you can choose from a host of venue templates or even have your own bespoke venue designed to fit your needs. It’s infinitely more effective than a regular video call and a lot more affordable than hiring a venue.


Talking of costs, as an event organiser, not only will you have lower operating costs, but things will also be easier to manage. And even though your revenue may, or may not be lower, it’ll be proportionate to the lower costs, so your margin will likely remain the same, or even increase.

Health & safety:

Not having any physical attendees means you don’t have to worry about a venue, catering or attendee health & safety. It’ll save you a whole load of hassle and reduce the time required for planning.

Audience reach:

Attendees will have no travel or accommodation costs, making attending your event an even more compelling proposition. Additionally, your reach will be international, so you’ll have the ability to reach a larger, international audience, including people who wouldn’t have been able to travel to a physical event due to financial or travel constraints in the first place.

Keep it green!

Digital events obviously have a smaller carbon footprint, simply because they don’t require so many people to fly, eat and create waste. By hosting your events virtually you’ll be contributing to a more sustainable economy.

If you’d like help in planning your next virtual event, drop the team at Szupernova a line. We’d be happy to help.

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