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10 ways personalised video can boost your brand

Personalised video is a powerful weapon to have in your digital marketing arsenal, but what can you use it for?

The platform is incredibly affordable and, crucially, more adaptable than ever before. You can innovate your marketing in ways that have measurable and tangible results using personalised video, here are just 10 examples:

1. Explainer videos

We live in a time where everyone is making demonstrative videos, and you need yours to stand out among the masses. By including the prospect's details (and even their company logo) in a video, you can really make your offering more relevant and useful to each individual client, bringing concepts to life in the most effective way. 

2. Company culture videos

Your prospects want to get to know the people behind the business they’re dealing with, so why not show off your company’s culture in a fun video. By including personalised elements from your prospects, you not only show your business to be relatable, but also highlight to your prospects how well suited you are to work together.

3. Event invites

Convincing prospects to sign-up for events can be tricky. We're all busy people and our time is valuable, and so it can sometimes take a few follow-up attempts before they take the time to consider your proposal. Why not send more inticing invitations to your next corporate event with personalised videos that can give a real feel of what the event might be like, and show the recipient what their personal involvement in the event might look like.

4. Recruitment

It’s not just your marketing team that can gain positive results from personalising your video. Send your potential new recruits a personalised video that allows them to see exactly how they would fit into your business. You don’t get two chances at a first impression, and this high level of personalisation and professionalism can ensure you can secure prime candidates ahead of your competitors.

5. On-boarding

Help a new subscriber or customer instantly feel as though they are a part of the family by including their name in a welcoming video made just for them. You could also include their company logo to an existing template of clients to show them that you’re proud to have them on-board and ready to show them off to the world!

6. Newsletters

You're probably already segmenting your database to send out the most relevant content to each client in your email bulletins and that’s a great start towards some personalised impact, but by spicing those up with video you further maximise the benefits of personal, relevant segmentation. Anyone can direct an email campaign towards a certain industry, but implementing this data into a video format will allow you to stand out amongst your competitors.

7. Thank You's

Saying thank you to your customers should be a genuine way of saying that you’re appreciative of their business, but sometimes a basic thank you page or email can feel a little lucklustre and disingenuous. Sending a personalised video directly to that customer, that includes personal details as well as details regarding their investment in your business will show them that they are important to you as an individual, and will encourage them to keep coming back for more.

8. Confirmations

It's pretty standard practice to send a confirmation email following a purchase, but those emails don’t have to come across as just a boring electronic receipt. Get your customers even more excited about the awesome product they've just bought, or even suggest recommended products based on their purchase history, with an engaging video personalised. Videos are highly shareable content and a personalised video confirmation will make your customers want to spread the word about your business.

9. Retention/Re-engagement

In a world where a simple Google search can provide millions of results that offer alternatives to your services, keeping hold of customers is difficult and getting disengaged customers to come back can be even harder. A personalised video is a proven method of boosting retention and re-engaging old prospects with your brand. Particularly useful for annual subscription or payment services where customers may have unsubscribed, a personalised video is a far more impactful way to show off new content, new features, or simply say, “We miss you!”.

10. Internal communications

While personalised video is a fantastic tool to close sales or delight external customers, it's also a great way to motivate your internal teams! Video boosts engagement and helps curate a sense of belonging – things you want not only for your prospects, but arguably for your team, too. You’ll already know their name and plenty of other personal details, so why not give that data some creative treatment that shows each employee they’re a key part of what you do?

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