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4 Reasons To Invest In Personalised Video

Businesses are always looking to maximise their ROI and explore new and innovative ways to do just that.

What’s the most effective digital tool for boosting your ROI? According to 52% of marketers – it’s video.

In fact, a considerable 87% of marketers are already using video to some extent for content marketing campaigns, a trend that’s only going to continue. Brian Halligan, Co-founder of HubSpot, argues that “at least 50% of your marketing content should be video” going forward.

Many have caught on to the growing appetite for video content – 43% of prospects want to see more from marketers – conversely only 25% have discovered how personalised video can be used in their campaigns.

It’s a relatively new trend in digital marketing, and most marketers are now trying to catch up to the potential this medium offers.

Here are 4 reasons why you too should be exploring personalised video:

1.      Personalised video increases engagement

Viewers retain 95% of a video message. That means video is an incredibly powerful way of not only getting your message across, but making sure it’s remembered as well. But did you know that on average, there’s a 35% higher chance that a viewer will watch a personalised video to the end? That’s even more powerful.

Marketers are struggling to get noticed when the average person’s attention span is just 8 seconds.

A video crafted and customised for the recipient is hard to ignore. The engagement and retention levels brought by personalised videos will have a huge impact on staying in your prospect’s mind.

2.      Personalised video success is easy to measure.

More than 44% of small and medium-sized businesses feel that the biggest obstacle towards them investing more in video marketing is that it’s difficult to measure their ROI. It needn’t be.

Advanced analytics mean that detailed reports can be provided on all aspects of your campaign. Who’s watching your video and for how long? Is there a common drop-off point that indicates a specific part of your video is losing the interest of your audience?  Are they acting on your CTA? It’s now easier than ever to crunch the data and see how your personalised video campaign is convincing leads to convert into customers or customers to become promoters of your brand. And with real-time feedback, you can receive immediate alerts for any metric you choose.

Increasingly, we’re working with HubSpot clients to embed Personalised Video into their overall inbound marketing strategies. The primary benefit of which is that we are able to draw data from a HubSpot account to create personalised videos and have that contact data updated based on the interaction with the audience's’ response to the video.

3.   It’s scalable. The possibilities are limitless.

A personalised video can be as simple or as intricate as you want it to be. The number of data elements that can be incorporated is flexible depending on your brief.

Let’s say you want to say thank you to a customer for making an order. Sure, you could send a well-written email that contains their name, their purchase details etc. but why not integrate that same data in a friendly and fun video that shows off your company culture?

What if you wanted to really impact a prospect and make a pitch in a compelling way that further nurtures their interest? You can include a vast array of company or client details and images pulled from numerous sources on your database to present your case in a compelling format that your prospects will engage with.

That’s what did.

They’re a business review platform who recently implemented a campaign to reach prospective advertisers for their site. Their service is multi-tier and can be difficult to explain over the phone or with copy content. So, they decided to present their data in a personalised video that:

  • Explained their platform and service
  • Showed relevance to their target audience by including the recipient’s information
  • Suggested they’d made a video specifically for that prospect

Here’s the finished result:                              

Watch video!

Once you’ve decided on a creative brief and your video is ready to go, it can be rolled out to your database or A/B tested on different segments to achieve the best results.

Contact our team to discuss how your next campaign can be enhanced with personalised video.

4.   Increase open rates and conversion rates

One of the best platforms to reach your prospect’s is still email. But only 18% of marketing emails are actually being opened.

Using the word ‘video’ in a subject line can increase open rates by 19%. Impressive. However, integrating a personalised video into your email and mentioning it in the subject line can increase your open rates by a massive 280%! Video has long-since been known to improve results, but personalised video makes by far the biggest impact.

Then there’s clickthrough rates. Those same standard marketing emails only generate a click-through rate of 2%. Put a video in the email and that improves by around 40%. Include a personalised video instead though, and clickthrough rates have been seen to rocket by as much as 10X! No, really!


Ultimately video improves these statistics because it’s quicker and more entertaining to consume a video than it is to read text. We process visual information 60,000 times faster than we process text, so it’s just efficient. But personalised video improves these statistics even more, because it’s relatable, engaging and shows that you’ve truly gone beyond for your audience.

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