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5 reasons to use video in your content marketing strategy

YouTube is now the second most popular search engine on the web, and it has reached a point where not utilising video would be a marketing disaster.

Here are 5 reasons you should be using video in your strategy:

1. Your target audience is watching video.

By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce, which means they will make up 75% of buyers.

When asked, 71% of millennials stated that video was their preferred method of consuming content

It only makes sense to create content for the biggest proportion of content consumers.

2. You can track viewer preferences

It’s almost impossible to track how many times someone has read a blog article, where they stopped reading, if they shared it with colleagues, if they read it again etc… Video though, has a built in feedback loop that can track these aspects automatically. You don’t have to guess when a viewer stopped watching or if they replayed the video or if they clicked a CTA included in the video. It’s an incredibly helpful method of seeing what your prospects do or don’t like and allows you to make more of the good stuff.

3. Video = better performance

Blog content will perform better if video is included. When asked, 52% of experienced marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. This ROI comes from engagement with your content and conversions. Over 72% of businesses that use video say it has increased web conversion rates particularly when embedded on landing pages or thank you pages, and it has been proven to reduce bounce rates too. Video is also highly effective when included in email campaigns too, being known to triple click through rates and increase response rates making for a much more effective email campaign.

4. Video leads to higher engagement

Audiences are about 10x more likely to engage, embed, share and comment on video content than blogs or related social posts without video.

5. Improved SEO

Adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times if fully optimised which means more site traffic, more prospects, and more conversions.


So if you're not using video, you're sure to be missing out where others are taking the opportunity to reach out to what is currently the largest online audience. Now's the time to bite the bullet and invest. You'll find when you do, you'll be rewarded with an increase in ROI and business growth, showing just how important video has become.

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