BlogPost 6328044059 A Simple Yet Effective Strategy For Generating High-Quality Links from Images

A Simple Yet Effective Strategy For Generating High-Quality Links from Images

  •  It’s better to get 10 links from 10 different sites than 10 links from the same domain
  • Domains linking to a page correlate with rankings more than any other factor.
  • Regularly blogging B2B companies generate 97% more inbound links to their websites.


Coming up with a link building strategy isn’t easy, even for popular sites with high traffic.

So, it’s important to gain domain authority.

You also need backlinks linking from other sites with authority. This is a fairly difficult task because unless you’re ranking on the first page of a Google search, people are hesitant to link to you.

This is where images come in.

Image links are an easier way to generate high quality links.

Here’s how it works:

Breaking up long blog posts with images is a great way to maintain reader attention and to highlight the point made in your text AND they create linking opportunities.

Links are really important when ranking with Google’s algorithm, with only domain authority being more important.

Whenever you post an image, Google uses metadata (file name, description etc) to create unique links back to your site.

If the images are original that’s even better.

You’ll likely see boosts to organic traffic after images are shared on social too.

The type of images you use matters. Original images perform better than stock photos, especially when shared on social media and studies have shown that 35% of visitors are more engaged by an original image than a stock image.

It might sound like a lot of work to create and original image, but in fact, it’s easy to create them using online programmes. Even if they’re not great, it’s easier to get backlinks than with stock images and it also ensures that you’re not breaking copyright laws by using stock images without permission.

There are a few ways you can make original images:

The first is infographics which are the top rated medium for retention and learning, most shared images on social media, AND the most searched image type on Google.

People are often hesitant to create their own infographics because they’re design heavy, but you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create something that catches your prospects’ eye. All you need is the information and an online tool to help you create it.

A good one is Canva infographic maker (link in the video) which allows you to make infographics in minutes.

Quotes and typographics are also great original images and can be made in seconds. They consist of a motivational or encouraging quote on a background that highlights the effectiveness of a product or service. These quotes are great because they help for a personal connection.

For example:

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first” - Wendy Piersall

Typographics are incredibly easy to make, you just need a background and some text.

As with infographics, you can use Canva for this.

The third way of implementing original images is with photography.

These are a little more difficult to create, but if you do have the means, photographs are the best kind of original image you can create - providing they’re high quality.

A company in New York saw 45% higher conversion rates when they switched from stock photos to using real photos of their team and customers.

The best way to create backlinks for your photographs is by using a reverse image search on Google. Once you’ve found other sites that have re-used your photo, you can send in a request for the site owner link the photo back to your site

Finally, featured images are also great for generating high-quality links.

A featured image is the image that shows up at the top of your blog post or the default image that appears when you share the post on social media. If optimised properly it can be incredibly useful in terms of link building. A compelling featured image will get clicks.

Unlike with the other forms of imagery, stock images are fine here and are unlikely to affect the click through rate BUT a personalised featured photo will be more compelling and can help your link building.

This is because they are less likely to be re-used by other companies due to it containing your branding and personal message, and if people already know your brand, they know they can trust the article linked to it.


To round up, image link building can be highly effective when done right. They create great opportunities for linking back if they’re of high quality and the key is to create the right kind of image for the right situation.