BlogPost 6328044553 Why your SaaS business needs personalised video

Why your SaaS business needs personalised video

It’s long-since been known that video is a powerful way of both reaching, and engaging with your audiences – that’s why 87% of marketers are using it already. And for SaaS businesses, the benefits are obvious.

Explaining how your cloud-based software or service can impact your prospects can be tricky. They’re often fairly technical or detailed services, which is why so many B2B companies turn to video – particularly animation – to explain their service in a simple, memorable and effective way. Viewers typically retain 95% of a video message, so by using video as a tool you help your potential customers understand how your service can benefit them.

But while it’s a good start to recognise that video is more effective than text (a great start, in fact) why stop there? Personalised videos are what really separates your business from the rest of the pack.

That’s because a personalised video adds context and relatability to your content – two crucial but often forgotten words when it comes to digital marketing. Sure, a snazzy, well-edited video is engaging, but why should that specific prospect care enough to sign up, subscribe or invest?

By adding in a personalised element to a beautifully designed video, you help prospects see exactly how your service benefits their them. You let them know that you truly understand their challenges, that you want to solve their issues, and that their custom is important to you.

The key is to explain or demonstrate ideas generally, while still making a real, human connection on a one-to-one basis. The video is not the end-goal, but its job is to inform, educate and inspire your prospects to take the next step and convert.

There’s no need to get lost in the production value of which graphical font looks nicest, a simple webcam video can work wonders with the right thought behind it. The message is most important, and that message should be personalised. Here are just a few examples of how your SaaS business could use personalised video:

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are basically educational videos that teach your audience how to solve a problem.

Sounds like something a SaaS business would utilise and you probably already are, maybe as part of your tech support or FAQ pages, but how do you make them personal?

Well that part is really simple. You can incorporate data fields from your existing contact database to segment your videos by distinct categories like industry or a customer’s usage of your product. By doing that, you not only help explain how to solve their issue in a general way, but really make them feel like you understand THEIR problem and know exactly how to help.

On-boarding Videos

Once a lead converts into a customer, you want to make them feel welcome and for their transition into using your service to be as seamless as possible.

On-boarding videos play a vital part in this process by showing all the ins and outs of your product.

But once again, these videos are a great opportunity for you to personalise your content. After all, what better way to show customer they’re a part of the family than to tailor your content directly to them?

This can be done simply by including their name or email address into the content you’re displaying, but you can also use more data fields too. The more info you have on your customers, the wider the possibilities. Depending on the service you’re providing, you could include a range of data fields or images relating to your customers to really contextualise your service, get them up to speed, and get them fully on-board.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a great way to not only personalise your content to your audience, but really show some personality yourself too.

Whether you’re inviting guests to an event, conference or webinar, or promoting something entirely different, a video can really boost your engagement.

Being invited to attend an event or download content is a personal experience so your video should be personal too.

Including a prospect’s name is an easy way to make your promo videos personal, but you can go even further and integrate more data or even things like social media profiles to show your recipients how they fit into (quite literally!) the picture of your latest event.

Convincing people to sign up isn’t always easy, especially if it’s an event they have to travel to in person, so personalising your videos directly to each recipient ultimately makes them feel more wanted, and that ultimately makes them more likely to attend.

Product Demos

Product Demos can function like instructions, showing your potential customers the features and benefits of your service with demonstrable examples of how it works in reality.

As we’ve already discussed, a video is a brilliant way to take technical, or difficult to understand concepts and simplify them to your prospects who are in the awareness or consideration stage – but there are no prizes for guessing what’s an even better way to get your prospects to convert – it’s personalised video once again.

By offering demos as a reward for filling out a form, you can capture prospect’s data (or you can use data you already have from previous campaigns) and use this data within the video. Simple is effective, and even including a prospect’s name in the video can have real tangible results, but the potential scope of the creative needn’t stop there.

As a SaaS business you can show your service operating on a prospect’s site or integrated with their products almost as if you were screen sharing in a live 1to1 with that prospect. Pretty damn powerful.

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