Planning a virtual event is new to most organisers and can be quite challenging. Here are the main challenges that you should keep in mind to run a successful virtual event:

When participating in an event from home, it’s easy for attendees to be distracted by their environment: whether it’s family, pets, street noise or something else – background noise can be really off-putting… That’s why keeping your event dynamic and your audience engaged is critical to the success of your event. For maximum impact, you need to make your virtual event look and feel like a show – a production – not just a collection of speakers talking into webcams from their dining tables or spare bedrooms. Additionally, providing online networking, chat and engagement tools will really help provide value to your audience, keep the energy high and your audience engaged.


Choosing the right duration is not an easy task either – if your event or speaker sessions are too short, your audience will be left feeling unsatisfied – equally, if your sessions go on too long you’ll see your engagement drop off a cliff. We suggest taking the time to thoroughly research your audience and their needs before creating your event schedule.

Time zone:

Attracting a larger, more global audience means attracting people from all over the world. Managing the time difference can be a challenge but there are some simple solutions! By combining live and pre-recorded content you can make sure everyone has an engaging and fulfilling time at your event.

Highlighting live elements:

When joining your virtual event, attendees must be able to access the current live elements (sessions, discussions, meetings…). More than anything, it’s the live aspect that build engagement and helps to create a community around your event, and your content.

If you’d like help in planning your next virtual event, drop the team at Szupernova a line. We’d be happy to help.

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